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 In the sweet spot between too much and too little, we glow.

HAUT in-home services

Let me bring the Spa to your home. I bring my  steamer, massage table, facial equipment, products, towels, sheets, anti-aging infusion and exfoliation devices to you! *travel/set-up fee is included in price within Manhattan.


I'll arrive 30min early to set up for your service. I look forward to meeting you!

HAUT Facial  for 1                              $585
HAUT Bespoke for 1                         $645

HAUT Facial for 2                               $750
HAUT Bespoke for 2                         $870

HAUT Memberships

I offer memberships for my studio bookings to encourage regular facials, which will give you optimal results. If you come every two months you get 5% off, and if you come every month, you get 10% off. Come join me, for your skin's vibrant health!

6 Month & 12 Month Membership Packages

Monthly                                 $175/ HAUT Facial
Every 2 Months                 
$185/ HAUT Facial

HAUT Facial for 3                               $835 
HAUT Bespoke for 3                         $995

I specialize in Extractions: Blackheads, Whiteheads, Milia, Acne, Sebaceus Cysts. No pore left behind! 

HAUT Signature Facial

This service is for all faces. Products are custom selected to suit your skin's needs.


After a quick cleanse, you'll receive a therapeutic face and neck massage to help relax tense muscles and  increase circulation, while the  steam and nourishing ingredients soften your skin and open your pores. 


Next we continue to gently exfoliate  with a glycolic and/or salicylic acid peel, topped with my hand ground Sugar or Salt scrub, lifting away dead skincells, dirt and debris. Followed of course, with thorough extractions as needed.

To hydrate and restore, enjoy some icy, revitalizing cryo-therapy,  drenched in my H2o mask with  pure hyaluronic acid and frankincense.

60min  $195

Brown Cosmetic Mask

HAUT Bespoke

This service is for all faces, who need a little extra attention. Service includes everything in the HAUT Signature Facial +


We choose either a Microdermabrasion |or| a Dermaplaning session for a deep exfoliation, reducing fine lines, enlarged pores, and evening out your skintone.


Zone out while the Celluma LED lights restore your skin into a healthy glow.    |or|


Allow me to firm and contour your facial muscles with a state of the art microcurrent, the Purelift Pro Plus .



This service is for faces that don't need many  extractions.


Relax under the gentle steam, and enjoy a light face and neck massage, while nourishing ingredients soften your skin.


Next you'll enjoy a collagen boosting, skin renewing glycolic and/or salicylic acid peel  topped with my hydrating Sugar Scrub or purifying Salt Scrub for a deep yet gentle exfoliation. Light extractions as needed.


Zone out while the Celluma LED lights restore your skin into a healthy glow.

Celluma LED Light Therapy  &  Purelift Pro Plus

Experience the benefits of Advanced Technology

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 The products I use in my treatments are made with natural ingredients and select therapeutic-grade essential oils, that have been scientifcally documented for their medicinal properties. They are free of chemical preservatives, parabens, pthalates, and synthetic fragrances.


If you have allergies or skin sensitivities, I will make your facial service essential-oil-free, and will use ingredients

that are compatible with your skin.



  Not ready for an in person facial, but want to make changes in your skin? I also offer service called Curate your Cabinet, where we look at  your current skincare regimen, and determine what changes could take your skin to the next level. I'll look at all your products, check for irritating or drying ingredients, and we'll make adjustments based on what's going on with your skin. 


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