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What people are saying about Verena

I went to Verena with dry skin that was very sensitive and prone to breakouts. I gave her a list of the products I’d been using for years, that I’d been told were “hydrating.” She told me that I was overusing too many chemical-exfoliating products that were over-drying my skin. We switched me to a routine where I’m using her natural based oils and sugar scrub, in conjunction with the moisturizer I’d been using, and my skin is radiant! After a few facials and the routine adjustment, I've even dropped my foundation which I had been using since my twenties. My 49-year-old skin has been hydrated and glowing ever since!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Alix Dunn

I've been a client of Verena's for 15 years now, and I will always keep going back to her because of the care she lavishes on my skin and on me as a person. Her workspace is comfortable and zen-like so I start feeling relaxed right away. She knows my skin well and gives me fine, detailed input and observations based on what she sees from appointment to appointment, which makes me feel like I am important to her. She was trained by the best in the business and I can tell how knowledgeable she is from the personalized, specific care she gives my skin. I always leave my appointment looking radiant, young, refreshed, and clear. And the results stay with me for a long time. In addition to her immaculate service and facials, Verena has been concocting her own products for some time now, based on natural ingredients, and they work really well - especially the masks. They are good for my skin and they smell good enough to eat!              


Shana Lory

Do yourself a BIG favor! Make a facial appointment with Verena today, and you and your skin will begin a new and more beautiful life together! Not only does she thoroughly cleanse - say bye bye to blackheads - but her strong hands revitalize your skin as she’s gently massages away those rough and puffy spots that suddenly appear, without notice. And, she uses impeccable, natural  products that she makes herself! I love the atmosphere…completely private and elegant, with sunlight and sunset views. Let Verena become your very own skin therapist, as she comes up with a plan of action for your skin. It’s made a huge (and positive) difference for me. Facials with Verena … a win win for both you and your skin!


 Rachel Roth 

Verena is the best aesthetician I have ever had, hands down. I came to her 8 months before my wedding and asked her what I needed to do to have the best skin of my life. She suggested a six-week rotating schedule of micro + facials, facials, and back again. By the time my wedding rolled around, I was getting regular compliments on my skin tone and smoothness, and plenty of comments about how I don't look my age (and what woman doesn't love THAT?) :) Verena is kind, thorough, and dedicated to giving you the best results possible every time you see her. She will spend as much time with you as necessary to get it right: she never cuts a single corner, never makes you feel rushed, and also does a wonderful job of respecting your budget and not over-selling products and services. She has become a friend over the course of the last year, and I genuinely look forward to seeing her every time I go in. 


(citisearch) Amanda Bixler

I have had facials all over New York for years and Verena is absolutely the best facialist I have ever had. She is extremely knowledgeable about skincare & skin problems, her facials are thorough and tailored to my skin needs. She is extremely pleasant and disarming and she is truly dedicated to helping her clients have flawless skin. She gives good advice & has lots of skincare tips to share and never pushes too many products, although she will tell you which ones  she likes the most. I now live abroad and make sure I see Verena every few months when I am back in the States as I don't trust anyone else!​               


(citisearch) Elizabeth Clark

Verena is amazing!  At age 50+, I worry about sagging and dry skin, but have noticed a marked improvement in the year I've been her client. Thanks to Verena's gentle touch and extensive skincare knowledge, my skin is radiant.  Verena recommended (but did not push) several of the Ling products and created an easy daily skincare regimen for me.  I see her once every month or two for a thorough cleansing...and her relaxing facial massages. My teenage daughter is also a big fan.


(yelp) Mary Anne R

I've been a regular and loyal customer of Verena at Ling Skin Care (UWS location) for the past 6 years.  Verena is incredibly knowledgeable and has made an amazing difference in the appearance of my aging  skin. My routine is monthly dermabrassion coupled with other skin care treatments as needed. With Verena's expertise and skilled hands, my skin is radiant and  youthful. Simply put, she's awesome!


(yelp) Catherine H.

My skin has become pretty unpredictable since I moved here about five years ago. It's not terrible, but it is sensitive and hasn't mastered NYC's combination of heat, humidity, and dirt. With my wedding coming up I didn't want to risk letting it do whatever it might feel like, especially with all the recent 90° humid days. Enter Verena and Ling's products. Absolutely amazing. No adjustment period with the products -- they just made my skin better almost immediately -- and barely any reaction in the days following the facial, just nicer, softer, clearer, calmer skin. Thank you!!


(yelp) JJ H.

VERENA was working for Christine Spa and although I only went there one time I loved my experience!! I was so excited two weeks ago to have my appt. until I got a call from the Spa letting me know that she no longer works there and if I would be interested in any one else!!! I was amazed because she had told me she was there for over a year (or maybe I misheard her) anyway I totally canceled the appt because I was worried about taking anyone just out of chance... Im really upset she was very soft and did an amazing job Also if not with Christine herself..who else is good enough???!!?


(citisearch) Anna Papa

I have very reactive skin and many things make my skin break out (even weather change!). Verena is the most thorough facial expert I have ever encountered! No joke!!! No zit stands a chance with her and... And she has the ability to extract really deep, yet always gently and without torturous pain! I find that she is also very knowledgeable about skin and can articulate easily what goes on, what to do and not do! Since I have been going to her my skin is turning around literally ! And it's not because I sleep more or travel less! It is utterly and totally the results of her cleansing and extracting skills! I have an appointment scheduled with her next week and I am really looking forward to it! My skin positively glowing and happy each time and in between appointments keeps its balance in spite of my over indulgence! Go Verena!       


Isabelle Piere-Emile

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